Welcome to our blog!

First of all, we wanted to introduce you the topic about we are going to work in the following weeks. It is focused on the change from the peseta to the euro in the Spanish economical system between 20th and 21st centuries. We think that this topic is very interesting because it supposed a very significant change in the Spanish’s ways of life.

Secondly, we have decided to choose one elderly interviewee, for example a senior, and another younger interviewee, for instance one of our parents. Both of them are people who lived during these period.

While analysing the subject we came to the conclusion that parents and grandparents didn’t share the same opinions, as they come from different generations and also don’t have the same background stories or tolerance to change. This is why we thought the best way of carrying on with our research was to get information from these two different age groups.


See you in another post!

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