We are developing some interviews for our project from the subject of Social Sciences. This blog is about the economical change from Peseta to Euro. So, in order to learn about this topic we need help. We considered that it would be very interesting to have different points of view.

In our interviews we will consider the following list of topics:

  1. The name of the narrator
  2. The time and place where the person was born.
  3. How this person experienced the change from Peseta to Euro.
  4. If the adaptation process was difficult for them.
  5. If this monetary change actually made our economy to prosper in their personal opinion.
  6. If they still have the habit of thinking in Pesetas.
  7. Euros are the official coin in the entire European Union. In the opinion of our narrators, is it better for our country to be inside the European Union.
  8. Do they believe that people in general prefer for Spain to have their own coin or stay with the Euro.
  9. If the narrators is still owning some coins or notes of pesetas.
  10. If the person would like to tell us any anecdote or story about this topic.


In the following links you can see the results of the interviews we have done:



Thank you so much for your time and attention.

See you in another post!



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