reviewAfter doing this Oral History project it is time to analyze the strong and weak points of our methodological design.

The topic we chose seemed interesting for us because we were born with Pesetas and now we are living with Euros. We consider that the project scope is well defined, as it is not too broad. The two narrators we gathered provided us with interesting information and personal experiences, and they were asked if they agreed to share their personal information. On the other hand we could have chosen more qualified people in order to improve the project.

Before we did the interviews we had do some research about the topic in different websites, so that we could have a backround to start working on. In order to improve the quality of the project we could have looked at other sources.

The outline provided by the teacher has guided us through this project, helping us follow the most important guidelines. For example the lenght and the recording of the interviews. About the interviews we think we could have done them longer and deeper in the subject.

The group work has been equally divided so every member of the group could contribute with their best capacities in the blog. We had a good time finding out about how to create and design a blog, but we also think we needed to have more time in order to improve the outcome.



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