keep-calm-its-the-conclusionAfter comparing both narrators, we have obtained some conclusion of our project.

We have studied the economical change from Peseta to Euros, after that we examined the advantages or disadvantages of this change through the interviews. The main advantage we have obtained has been the facility to travel throughout Europe.

We also analyze how this change affected to Spanish citizens. In this case, our narrators considered that this change generated an important economic and social impact and also affect in their daily life. Both narrators still think in Pesetas and they saved some copies of notes and coins in pesetas.

Moreover, we investigated whether the value of the euro corresponds to the peseta’s one. So we obtained that the result was 1 euro = 166, 386 pesetas.

Finally,highlight both narrators have been very useful for our project because they have provided us some interesting information and personal experiences about this topic.

Both they keep good memories of that period and despite all they agree with the use of the euro in Spain.


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