In our Project we choose two narrators of different ages in order to compare new different points of view. Besides, we have chosen them because we really thought that they can help us in our project.


The first one is Esther, she is 57 years old. She Works in the Education Ministry in the centre of Madrid.

She was born in Valladolid when the Peseta was the official coin in Spain. For her, the change from Peseta to Euro was not very outstanding, Esther adapted quite easily to Euros.

But in the case of her mother, the adaptation has been more difficult.

She also recognized that sometimes, she still thinks in Pesetas. When she buys something, she occasionally converts Euros in Pesetas to be able to fully understand the real price.

Esther loves travelling around the world, she has been in many countries. Most of these countries belong to the European Union, so for her the Euro becoming an official coin all around these countries was very comfortable, because she could pay with Euros anytime she travelled around Europe.


The second one is Maria del Carmen, who is 75 years old. She was born in Burgos, and since then, she has been living there. She is the youngest of five brothers, and she belongs to the middle class.

Nowadays, she is already retired but the years before she worked as a nurse in a hospital called San Juan de Dios, in Burgos.

When the change from the Peseta to the Euro occurs, she was working and this change affected greatly to her daily life.